Free Live Webinar

2024 Annual Review Connection Campaign

Wed. Jan. 10th: 9 am PT/12 pm ET

We'll meet for 1.5 hours


The beginning of the year is the perfect time to reach out and offer an Annual Equity Analysis or an Annual Mortgage Analysis. Many homeowners have grown their wealth significantly in the past few years and you can help them better understand the value of what is most likely their largest asset. During your meeting, you'll review if they're still on track to achieve their goals, uncover any new goals they have, and see if their circumstances have changed.

Connecting with your Tribe once a quarter is a key component to working By Referral Only, and the Annual Review is the core connection campaign for Q1.

During this live webinar training, we'll review the key components of this strategy:

  • Postcard Mailing (hits mailboxes mid- to late-January)
  • Email template
  • Social media posts to let your tribe know you're offering an Annual Equity/Mortgage Analysis
  • Text messages
  • Follow-up dialogues

Start the New Year With A Powerful Connection Campaign

This is a strategy that will get you connected with your tribe because you're giving them information and data about their equity. And it will remind them that you are their Real Estate/Mortgage Consultant for life.

“One of the biggest successes we’ve had is with our Annual Mortgage Review. It’s been just huge! We provide one of these reviews each year to our clients. All we ask is to ‘take a look at your finances and make sure you’re still in the best position to achieve your financial goals.'" -Yvette Clermont, Green Bay, WI

This Webinar Starts In...