"Before this training, I had not heard anything valuable about how to deal with millennials in our business. This is extremely useful and timely information."

- John C.

"This is an approach and system that has been well thought out and works in today's market. In fact, it is targeted for today's market. It is a great idea!"

- Laurie R.

"Love targeting this age group!! This system you put together is really strong, and valuable. The wording is so good!"

- Randy

According to CNBC, Millennials are projected to buy THE MOST houses this year - are you prepared to reach them?

When working with this 22 - 38 year-old demographic, it's important to understand their mindset:

  • They want it NOW
  • They want to feel special with personalized service
  • They do not want to feel obligated
  • They don't like to compromise
  • They like the high-tech touch

"All you need to do is customize your process to address their mindset...and it's really simple."

We will walk you through how By Referral Only member, Mandy Tanberg, perfected her "Appointment-Only Style" Open House Millennial process which is effectively attracting and winning over this large segment of new buyers.


This is Also The Ultimate Before Unit Deal Sealer Approach!

After learning this QUICK RESPONSE METHOD & approach, you can tell sellers that you have a system in place that works to specifically bring in millennials or first-time buyers! THIS WILL MAKE YOU WILL STAND OUT!

We Will Walk You Step-By-Step Through This Proven Millenial Attraction System

1. 6-email drip system and show you her proven landing page designed to get Millennial buyers talking to YOU and compel them to set-up an appointment. (imagine, no more weekends spent at open houses for hours!)

2. You'll also get the By Referral Only "Taxi/Limo" script that Mandy uses to assure Millenial clients that they'll receive world-class service! (learn to talk their language)

3. A "When Competition Matters" handout which details Mandy's "No Competition, Accept My Offer" dialogue. (if you don't have what makes you special down sopl

4. Get the "No Competition, Accept My Offer" Referral Reminder Postcard Template

5. Samples of the social media posts that Mandy uses to promote the "appointment-only style" open house.

Don't discount this demographic! If you do, you're leaving easy opportunity on the table.

Millennials as a whole made up the largest share of homebuyers over the past year (38%), marking the seventh consecutive year the group represented the most active generation of buyers. (NAR)

Learn how to reach them and work with them in today's market when you...

"Incredibly great info....hands-on experience & a map to follow, step by step....thanks!!"

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"I'm technology challenged, however, eye-to-eye I'm comfortable. Thank you for helping me complete the package!"

- Renee R.