You will generate at least 2-6 new listing leads or your money-back!*
(details below)

A LIVE 4-day new listing challenge that meets for 1 hour each day from Tuesday, Sept 14th - Friday 17th. 
(recordings will be provided)


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Generate New Sellers FAST!
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How Do You Generate More Listings FAST Without Wasting Time & Money On Ads and Dead Leads

Our founder, Joe Stumpf tackled this question years ago when he developed the original Referral Ignite program. He noticed some really smart, experienced agents he coached were struggling to become the local agent that everybody loved to refer. The kind of referring that FUELS a business and keeps a constant flow of leads coming in. So he developed the “Referral Ignite Game Experience.”

Since that time thousands of agents and lenders have used these strategies to catapult their referral business... in ANY market. And we aren't talking just big deal, big list, celebrity top 1% types, but also everyday agents and lenders, hard-working people just like you.

The truth is...

The Referral Ignite program has saved and transformed more businesses than any other program we have offered in our 35+ year history.

So, you know what we did???

We Made Referral Ignite Even More Powerful & Effective For Today's Market by Adding A Whole New Track & Process That...

And here's the best part... you can learn the entire system in just 4 days!


We are so confident that'll you generate AT LEAST 2-6 New Listing leads from what you learn during these 4 days that ...
We promise to give you a FULL refund if it doesn't work for you*.
(*details below)

Here's How the Coaching Works

We will meet online LIVE from September 14-17, 2021 at 11am-12pm PT. You’ll get a link to join the LIVE online session and a special login to the Challenge Platform - one click and you're in.

During our LIVE Coaching Sessions, you’ll receive specific examples of what to do in every possible situation you find yourself in while you're experiencing this challenge to generate those 2-6 new listing leads.

If you miss a session it’s OK because all the sessions will be recorded - so you can review them over and over, and you will want to because the training and coaching is pure money-making referral and listing-generating insight and strategies!

Plus, these are LIVE sessions. You can ask questions and even get more custom help if needed. (see below)

A Proven, Results-Driven Program
(with a money-back guarantee...see below)

I got 7 new Listings and 9 new Buyers, I got 6 Listings and 10 Buyers within the next 180 days. That's a total of 32 New Opportunities. This is the best money I've ever invested."
–Regan Nordgren, Taylorsville, UT

This Game is a simple, highly effective system to keep you engaged and focused in doing the things that you know you need to do in order to create the life and business you desire. I have received 2-4 referrals per day and we have closed 6 deals - with 5 pending and more on the horizon!
–Jennifer Jones Hillegas - Rome, GA

You have helped me shift into the best me by playing this game. I receive 16 direct/ indirect referrals since I started the game who will eventually buy, sell, or invest. You helped me get organized and have more fun in my business. Referral Ignite is amazing!
–Mike Vakas - Grasonville, MD

Here's Everything You Get For Your $199 $47 Investment 

Money-Back Guarantee If you go through the steps and actions we teach you, you WILL get at least 2-6 new listing leads, or you'll get your money back. Now, of course, you have to play full out and do what you're asked to do. If you do, and you don't get those new red-hot, highly-qualified leads, just email us and we will give you your money back.

LIVE Coaching Sessions We will send you the link to our Live Online Video Coaching Platform, you’ll just click the button and you’re instantly connected. We will meet LIVE every day from Tuesday, September 14- Friday, September 17 at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET.

We will also assign to you your very own By Referral Only Success Coach. They are available to help you at any time If you have a question or a challenge, just raise your hand and we will work with you one-on-one. We will be here for you every step of the way so that you are sure to earn those new listing leads as quickly and consistently as possible.

Referral Ignite Journal This is where the gold is. The 9 Referral Card Scripts, the Referral Seed Scripts, the 30 Businesses to Refer, the One Way to Ask for a Referral, plus a clear way to track your progress.

Daily Scorecards You'll use these 3x5 cards to record your score in each of the four categories every day.

Referral Note Cards You'll have the option of purchasing our By Referral Only Referral Note Cards and Envelopes, or you can use whatever notecards you wish. The most important part is that we will give you the 9 scripts that are specially designed with a combination of words that are proven to generate referrals, and specifically NEW LISTINGS!  

The Official Getting Referrals Book This is an 84 page colorful, step-by-step guide. You’ll receive a link to this, not a hard copy, only because we would have to chop down a forest to provide everyone a copy and it's the kind of book you’ll want to have a digital copy of for future reference. This thing is GOLD and you'll enjoy having the digital copy to refer back to anytime you need it.

Magic Words Dojo Unlimited access to the Magic Words Dojo, where there are over 205 Training and Coaching sessions to watch on your computer or the Mobile App. This is THE BEST ``On-demand” business advice and guidance out there, and sure to keep you focused and moving forward.

Become The Local Real Estate Agent or Lender Everybody Loves To Refer!

  • No more bothering the people in your database begging for referrals or listings.
  • Only asking for referrals at the perfect time in the perfect way.
  • Create a modernized way of communicating - with meaning and purpose.
  • Let go of any concern you have about the current market and generating new listings.
  • Build a tribe of 150 people who are each referring one or more people a year to you, and never worry again about your database shrinking.